Fusion Sample Code with SVO Files

How can I run the fusion (fused_cameras.py) example with the SVO files I have already saved?
(Calibration file is available.)

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Hello @zedev,

If my understanding is correct, you’ve already successfully used ZED360 to generate your calibration file. The process now would be modifying your calibration doc and launching the fusion sample, and that would read your SVO with the fusion.

Here is what your calibration file should look like to read SVO. You should have the input-zed-configuration, input-zed-type and input-fusion-type fields to edit.

    "12345678": { //<- serial number of camera (you can get this in the ZED Explorer tool if you renamed your SVO)
        "input": {
            "zed": {                
                "configuration": "path/to/file.svo", 
                    // Î- If type is SVO_FILE, path to SVO. 
                    // If type is X_ID, camera ID. 
                    // If type is STREAM, IP [and port] in the format "IP:PORT" (if only ip is specified, port defaults to 30000). 
                    // If type is X_SERIAL, ignored.
                "type": "SVO_FILE"
                    // Î- "USB_ID", "USB_SERIAL",  "SVO_FILE", "STREAM", 
                    // "GMSL_ID", "GMSL_SERIAL", depending on the input
            "fusion": {
                "type": "INTRA_PROCESS",
                    // Î- "LOCAL_NETWORK": Sender of this camera not running on the same machine than Fusion
                    // "INTRA_PROCESS": (what you want when reading SVOs) Sender of this camera & Fusion running on the same machine.
                "configuration": {
                    "ip": "",
                    "port": 30000
                        // Ï ip and port for Fusion to subscribe to camera. Unused with "INTRA_PROCESS" type.
        "world": {
            "rotation": [ <- orientation of the camera
            "translation": [ <- position of the camera
[same pattern for the other cameras]

The documentation about this (Fusion and the calibration process) will be available soon.
Edit: it’s available here: Fusion Documentation

Thanks for your understanding, do not hesitate if you have more question on this matter.