Smooth skeleton data and lock bodies to the floor in post-processing


How does using .SVO files work when performing fusion? Can I enable .SVO recording on all cameras and load all SVO files and run fusion on the SVO files? Do you have a sample project performing fusion on multiple SVO files?

The process to use SVO is as you said with one extra step, ZED360 calibration.


  1. Configure your cameras with ZED360 : ZED360 - Stereolabs
  2. Save the file
  3. Record the SVOs by any mean, we have a multi-camera recording sample available for instance: zed-sdk/recording/recording/multi camera/cpp at master · stereolabs/zed-sdk · GitHub
  4. Modify your calibration file to indicate that the Fusion should use SVO, I went more in-depth in this post: Fusion Sample Code with SVO Files - #2 by JPlou
  5. Run a Fusion sample, passing the edited configuration file (it should work as is): zed-sdk/body tracking/multi-camera at master · stereolabs/zed-sdk · GitHub

How do I re-build hte zed-livelink-fusion project if I make any changes to it? Can’t see no cmakelist.txt there…?

Rebuilding the zed-livelink-fusion project involves a particulate process described on this page: Building ZED Live Link - Stereolabs
Basically, you need UE5 source, and to clone the zed-livelink repo (the whole repo) into <Engine Install Folder>\Engine\Source\Programs\. Then, after working on the sender in the repo, build it as described in the documentation.