Zed2i outdoor use, temperature range and cooling advise


I’m developing an outdoor application using Zed2i camera.
Today I experieced, for the first time, a thermal instability of the camera.
The camera stopped comunicates over usb3 or communicates same values for pose/twist data (stucked pose/twist data).
After some investigation I realized that temperature of both cameras was very close to datasheet limit: around 50/51 °C .
The air temperature was 31/34°C . With camera off (or nearly off) the temperature read by the Sensors tools application is around 48°C. After a while, with the camera on, the temperature went up to 51/52°C, stable.
If self-heating is 3/4°C I suppose that the main source of heat sould be irradiation from direct sunlight.
Do you have any advise to work under direct sunlight. The Zed2i is painted black that is not helping.
I read in the forum about a box to extend the temperature range from the standard values to -30° - + 60°C but I didn’t find any details about that box.
Any advice about active cooling? Heatsink or even Peltier cooler along with heatsink?
Thank you

Hi @andreacelani

according to the datasheet the operative range of the ZED 2i is -10°C to +45°, so you are using the camera out of the specifications.

We recommend protecting the camera with a panel and eventually providing some kind of air exchange. The case of the camera acts as a cooler, but air exchange is required in extreme conditions.

Thank you Myzhar.
According to this Zed2i Operating Temperature mismatch spec sheet vs webpage it should be +50°C. Did you update spec and get back the upper bound to +45°C?

Ok I will cover it in order to reduce direct irradiation.
If I would place an heatsink or even an active cooling is the backplate the best place to put it? I mean the backplate with the four M3 screws.