ZED Performance and CPU Utilization Tips

We have 4 ZED 2i units running on an Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin with ZED SDK 4.0.8 and the same ROS2 Humble Release version. However, when using multiple cameras simultaneously, the combined CPU utilization across all 12 cores is almost 50% in VGA mode at 15 FPS. While that does not seem unreasonable for 4 cameras, I would expect that the utilization should be much lower for a low resolution and low FPS, especially since the GPU is being used. The utilization obviously increases if the resolution or frame rate is increased. I should also note that this is with no subscribers to any of the topics, as I am pretty sure the ROS wrapper is using image transport, which should only run when there are active subscribers. I am creating this as a way to compile/assemble the best performance tips for using multiple cameras as well as decreasing the overall usage so the computer has enough resources for other tasks/nodes. Thanks.

Hi @privvyledge
Can you open rqt and take a screenshot of all the Runtime monitor details of all the nodes running simultaneously?

Since the diagnostics keep changing between cameras, I recorded a short GIF that captured, I think, 3 of them.

Note. The cameras are running in VGA mode at 15 FPS with PointClouds at 10 FPS and other sensors with mapping disabled.

Hi @privvyledge
I apologize, I cannot see any problem here.

Did you modify this value to generate point clouds at the grab frequency?
Please note that this is not recommended because point cloud transmission takes a lot of resources.