Segmentation fault when rviz2 is running

I run the zed_mini on The Nvidia Jetson NX 8gb. I like to create a point cloud map in rviz and make use of plane and object, detection.

When the camera has started and when opening Rviz you can see the point cloud for max. 2 minutes. than rviz closes, from the terminal it gives an error segmentation fault (core dumped)

There is no mapping of the points but I can see the real time points.

when i activate the debug lines
[DEBUG] [1684238368.701476447] [zedm.zed_node]: MAP → Tracking Status: OK

Hi @bart
can you share your common.yaml and zedm.yaml files?

Regarding Rviz, if you run the ZED node with object detection you cannot execute also Rviz on the Xavier NX. Rviz is highly demanding and it’s better if you run it remotely on a desktop machine connected to the same local network by cable.