ROS2 Zed2i magnetormeter topics fuse with imu topic with tools like imu_filter_madgwick/imu_complementary_filter

I’m using a zed2i camera with GitHub - stereolabs/zed-ros2-wrapper: ROS 2 wrapper for the ZED SDK.

Currently I’m trying to use the magnetormeter and imu topics which are published when I launch the camera which are /zed_front/zed_node_0/imu/data_raw and /zed_front/zed_node_0/imu/mag.

It seems like it seperate the magnetometer and imu different, I want to use imu_filter_madgwick to fuse the magnetometer and imu data to get a fused /imu/data. but it seems like the published /imu/data have wrong direction?

May I know the magnetometer is using ENU convention or NED convention?

Hi @cheesiang_leow
the ZED ROS 2 Wrapper respects the ROS standard, so the magnetometer data is published in ENU convention, as specified in REP 103

Thank you so much for answering my question!

I think maybe I can make a good robot with it :grinning:

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