No sensors data in ROS for ZED2i


I am trying to get IMU data from ZED2i via ROS. The topic is present, but no data is published. /odom, point cloud and images are fine, but no imu, magnetometer, baro and temperature data.

I launch the node with roslaunch zed_wrapper zed2i.launch.

Here is zed2i.yaml content:

Sensors params are default:

max_pub_rate: 400.0
publish_imu_tf: true
sensors_timestamp_sync: false

ROS Noetic, SDK 4.0, ros wrapper - cloned latest from github.

Hi @sit.elisey
I tried to replicate your issue, but I could not.
The latest version of the wrapper with the ZED SDK v4.0.8 works as expected, so we must verify that your camera is working as expected.

Can you please run the ZED Sensor Viewer tool and verify that all the sensors are correctly working?

Please also run the ZED Diagnostic tool and send the report file that it generates.