ZedX ROS2 wrapper and visual slam launch file

I am trying to run the Isaac ros visual slam example on my Jetson Orin Nano, using a new ZedX camera.

I think there are some configuration issues in the launch file that nvidia published so I am trying to figure out how to properly get it running.

The launch file in question can be found here:

I believe they made an attempt to make this compatible with the various zed cameras. On line 32 you can pass in a camera model of “zedx”.

The real issue is the remappings on lines 58, 74, and 86 don’t seem to match up with topics that the zedx is publishing, for example ‘zed_node/right/image_rect_color_rgb’

Perhaps someone has run into this already and can help me get understand what topics correspond to the topics they have in this launch file? I can only assume that nvidia has not kept this up to date.

I did try and locate the proper topics on this page but could not find everything ROS 2 - ZED Node - Stereolabs

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @anthonywebb,

Welcome to the Stereolabs community! Glad to hear you’ve been able to run the ros2 examples.

The remappings in the sample seem correct. In their case, they are mapping relative names zed_node/... to the topics of their nodes, so there should be no problem topic-wise.

Additionally, they are not using the namepace parameter in their Node objects, so the topic names will not be of the form /{camera_name}/zed_node/... as they are usually in the zed-ro2-examples, but should be /zed_node/....

As this is an NVIDIA sample, please open an issue on the NVidia Isaac ROS repository if you have more questions.

Thanks @mattrouss i will keep hacking on it with the folks at nvidia.

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i am trying to do the same thing with a zed x mini, isaac ros visual slam and nvidia jetson orin

Do you have any updates on the topic?

Would you like to have a chat, maybe with our combined knowledge we can figure it out


Hi Conor, I think the issue we found was resolved by installing a different example which had some of the dependencies that the vslam one lacked. I am forgetting which one exactly it was, but I can dig into it if you want to DM me.

Hey I sent you a dm but I don’t know if you got it. I would love if you could let me know the exact one you used since I have been stuck for awhile now.