ZEDX odom with 2D LiDAR SLAM

Hi there! I’m working on creating a SLAM map in a GPS-denied area using a ZEDX camera and a 2D Lidar. We successfully have the ZEDX odom and the 2D LiDAR scan data separately but having trouble using both datasets to get the ROS2 slam toolbox up and running. I’m not seeing many tutorials out there so some insight into how to get started with this would be great thanks!

Alternatively, we are looking into using rtabmap_ros with a stereo camera in ROS2. We have the package downloaded and everything looks well in Rviz but we cannot figure out how to use the rtabmap_rviz GUI.

Hi @alboron18,

We currently do not have a guide in order to integrate the ZED X with ROS2 slam toolbox.
We do however a ROS example to integrate with rtabmap that you can check out here: https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-ros-examples/tree/master/examples/zed_rtabmap_example