Zed2i OpenCV Calibration YAML file

I have a Zed2i. I tried to follow this tutorial that allows publishing of TF from camera to the aruco tag.

However, it seems that it needed a opencv calibration yaml file.

My question is, where can i find the opencv calibration yaml file of the Zed2i?

In the ros2 node, i set it so that it subscribed to the left camera (/zed/zed_node/rgb/image_rect_color) so may i know if where can i find the opencv calibration yaml file for this? Specifically the left camera?


Hi @AddyPete
have you tried our tutorial for ArUco Tag detection?

Camera parameters are normally available the camera_info topic messages, you do not need an external OpenCV calibration file.

Hello yes i tried the tutorial, but I find it difficult to integrate to my nodes and also I just want a simple aruco pose estimation.

I got it the tutorial mentioned above working btw. (YouTube Video)
This is the code: aruco_pose_estimation_node.py (8.4 KB)

I subscribed to: /zed/zed_node/rgb/image_rect_color

I have a question tho. Is my opencv calibration file
zed_calibration_left.yaml (605 Bytes)

I just used chatgpt to convert the /zed/zed_node/rgb/camera_info topic output
zed_rgb_camera_info_ros2.yaml (611 Bytes) to opencv format. Thanks

That seems good to me. The fact that you can run the tutorial and the information is correct confirms it.