ZED X - capture card connection to SEED J4012 ( Orin NX 16GB)

Hi there,

Finally I’ve bought an ZED X with capture card.
I want to pair it to SEEED reComputer J4012-Edge NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX 16GB module.

J4012 has a carrier board called J401.
Based on this documentation I’ve connected the capture card to the J401.

The docs regarding capture card and J401 are a little bit unclear if the capture card MUST be powered up with 12-19V or it gets power though the CSI port as stated in the specification of the Stereolabs capture card

  • Connects to and is powered by the CSI port of the Orin/Xavier Developer Kit.

Hi @Vivio
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The 12-19V power is required. The flat cables cannot provide the required current to power the capture card.

Thank you @Myzhar !

If I may, I want to put some follow up questions:

  1. Is there a chance to powerup the capture card internally? I want to avoid using two power supplies.

  2. What’s the power consumption of the Capture card? I’ve seen that the ZED box with Orin NX 16GB & capture card is shipped with 12V/5A power supply.

You could split the Jetson power cable, so you can use the same source.

1A is the recommended minimum current to be provided to the capture card.

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I can split it, right!

Is there a more less visible solution like on the Zed Box?

The capture card has some headers. They cannot be used for power?

I guess that soldering on the pads of the barrel jack voids my warranty.

Is there a schematic of the caprure card?

Thank you for shooting the replies fast :smile: