ZED Unity livelink with functionality similar to the Zed Unity plugin

The ZED unity plugin ( stereolabs/zed-unity: ZED SDK Unity plugin (github.com)) offers lots of nice features such as smoothing, delay before spawn, max detection range, virtual camera view etc. The Unity livelink plugin stereolabs/zed-unity-livelink: ZED Livelink plugin for Unity (github.com)) has far fewer customizable parameters. Do you have a sample project with similar functionality for the ZED livelink? What features can be adopted and what can not?

And FYI: The zed unity livelink plugin is not updated to support the newest 4.0.6 ZED SDK.

Hey @haakonflaar,

Thanks for the report for 4.0.6, we mentioned very secretly on the release note that the 4.0.5 version is compatible with 4.0.6, I’ll update the format of the readme to make it clearer.

There are currently no short-term plans to add/port new features to the unity Live Link sample. Its purpose was to show how to receive body tracking data in Unity (it allowed using Fusion), but it’s indeed pretty “bare”. That being said, since both project codes are available and pretty similar, you could do the porting of the features you need in your project without much difficulty. We want to keep it as simple as possible on our side.

The rule for porting is that anything that uses an SDK feature should be managed in the C++ sender, and the pure Unity code is to be added to the Unity project.