Is Latest version of zed-unity-livelink support theZED SDK 4.0.6 version ?

Hi I try to using the latest version of zed-unity-livelink to catch more ZED camera. But I always can’t run the ZED_Unity_Livelink_Fusion.exe with configure Json file, which is created with ZED 360 under SDK 4.0.6 version.

And I found someone message in the ZED Community is say “The zed unity livelink plugin is not updated to support the newest 4.0.6 ZED SDK.” Link: ZED Unity livelink with functionality similar to the Zed Unity plugin
Is it true?

Hi @LinJason0209,

The plugin is compatible with both 4.0.5 and 4.0.6 versions of the SDK.
I run it with Fusion and Mono workflows with no issues.

Do you get a specific error?
What happens exactly? Is is not running on Unity’s or the C++ sender’s side?

My issue is on the C++ Mono sender’s side. I create a folder which named Build under the zed-unity-livelink-fusion folder to be the directory of CMake result.

And then I build the ZED_Unity_Livelink_Fusion.exe with Visual Studio 2022. The JSON configure file is created with ZED360, version is ZED SDK 4.0.6.

Finally, I try to operate the .exe with termainal by using the following command :
D:\zed-unity-livelink-fusion\Build\Debug\ZED_Unity_Livelink_Fusion.exe D:\zed-unity-livelink-fusion\Build\Debug\Configure.json

But the .exe always can’t be running, and pop out debug window.

In my knowledge, the crash is happened with read JSON, but not really sure if it is real issue.
Is some misstake in the step? or You Can support more detail about using C++ sender which clone from github.

Thanks so much!

It is using with .bat file. The issue is still happen when using the CMD.
The JSON configure file can be loading with ZED360.

The Device : ZED 2i
OS : Windows 10
CUDA : 11.8

Can you try building in Release mode in visual studio and not Debug?
If that fixes it, that’s a full oversight on our part, we’ll mention it in the Readme.

The suggest is useful. Thank you!

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