ZED SDK for JetPack 6

Is there any new information on when the ZED SDK for JetPack 6 will be released?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, we will not release a compatibility with the early access version of Jetpack 6, we are waiting for the official release.

Can you tell us why you need the compatibility with early-access Jetpack 6?

Thank you very much for your response.

We are currently working on a setup with JetPack 6 in combination with the ZED X camera, ROS2 Humble and other sensors.

How long will it approximately take to release the ZED SDK for Jetpack 6, once the official version of Jetpack 6 is released?

Hi, that will depend on how different is the official release from the early access one.

I would not advise to use the early access that you do. ROS 2 Humble can easily be installed on Jetpack 5. It’s less easy than Jetpack 6 but you’ll avoid tons of unkown issues from nvidia.

Thank you for your reponse.

How would you recommend installing ROS2 Humble on Jetpack 5?

I would like to know the same thing! I have a ZedX basically gathering dust until I can get ROS2 working on JetPack5. Is Docker the way to go? Instructions?

Hi, you can easily install ROS 2 Humble from source on Jetpack 5. No docker required, just follow the official documentation: Ubuntu (source) — ROS 2 Documentation: Humble documentation