Zed-ros-wrapper issue with object detection


I’m using the zed-ros-wrapper with SDK 3.8.2 on jetson nano and I have an unexpected behavior. After some times (it can be 3 hours), the object detection module stops working.

To be more accurate, the following code :

    sl::ERROR_CODE objDetRes = mZed.retrieveObjects(objects, objectTracker_parameters_rt);

    if (objDetRes != sl::ERROR_CODE::SUCCESS) {
        NODELET_WARN_STREAM("Object Detection error: " << sl::toString(objDetRes));

    if (!objects.is_new) {

Doesn’t produce any warning (meaning the retrieveObject is a success BUT there is no new objects (so the code go through the if statement)

In parallel, I see that the grabbing process continues to work successfully. Any idea ?



Hi @avanmalleghem
the problem has been solved with the v4 of the ZED SDK


After 3 weeks working on this because of an issue on your side with version 4.0.3 (see another thread I submitted).
I’ve finally bumped to 4.0.2 and still have the issue… Maybe I must set an additional parameter ?

Restarting object detection is a workaround but I need a long term solution…

Thanks in advance,


Do you see the same behavior described for v3.8.2 when using v4.0.3 and v4.0.2?

I tried with 4.0.2, not with 4.0.3 because of an issue you have with this version on jetson nano and yes I have the same issue.

OK, the SDK team is on that. A fix will be added to one of the next patch release.