ZED Mini connected to VR Glasses (Oculus) - How to make the cameras visible and completely cover the visor of the glasses

I’m currently working in Unity and when I run the cameras, there appears to be a box-like view, but it doesn’t cover the entire viewport of the VR headset. How can I achieve full coverage of the VR headset’s viewport with the cameras?


This is done because the resolution of the headset’s screens is different from the resolution of the zed.

The ZED view is projected onto plane gameobjects, moving in the headset’s field of view.
I suppose you could stretch or deform them to have the effect you need.
They are located under ZED Rig Stereo > Camera_X > Frame.

It doesn’t work, it’s as if the environment were seen there, it’s a theater in which both the zed camera and the 3D environment are, and I would like it to be seen completely on the Oculus Rift


Unfortunately, this is not a feature we provide in the sample.
We discussed recently in this post ways to access the ZED views data.
If you have a way to fill the headset views with textures/materials/images, this is the raw data you would need.