Manipulating image coming from Zed-camera inside unity


i want to do some manipulation on the image coming from the zed camera inside unity before it is displayed to the HMD, i will be doing operations like hiding objects or blurring them, i am using the unity plugin, i want to know how i can do the modification of the image coming from zed

Hello @hala, welcome to the forums!

I suggest you take a look at how we overimpose masks in ZED2DObjectVisualizer.

You can also see in ZEDRenderingPlane if something can help.

However, it’s not a “feature” of the plugin per se, so we will not be able to extensively help you with it.

To add up on @JPlou answer, the left and right images can be accessed via the textureEye variable from the ZEDRenderingPlane script (
This script is attached on both left and right eye of the ZED_Stereo_Rig game object

thank you all for your answer, do you know in which part of the code i can do the modification of the image before it is displayed for the user


I realized the GreenScreenManager does this in OnPreRender, I recommend taking a look, I think it’s close to what you want to achieve. :slight_smile: