ZED Depth Mode Neural with Jetson Nano


I am comparing the different depth mode of the ZED 2I camera.

I have an issue with NEURAL mode that is not really working because I received a matrix with only NaN values.

I did not receive any error while retrieving data.

Is it possible to use neural mode on jetson Nano ?

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Hi @bpasserat
it is possible to use Neural depth mode on the Jetson Nano, but FPS will be really low.
I suggest you try the new SDK v3.8 with increased performance.

I tested again the NEURAL mode on jetson nano with SDK 3.7 but I have only NAN in the matrix received.

Do you have extra test to check that NEURAL mode is really workin and that no library are missing ?

What software are you using for testing?
Please provide also the “minor” version of the ZED SDK that you are using: v3.7.x

Hello Myzhar,

I found my mistake, I did not take the right version of the SDK. There was a mismatch between the SDK version and the L4T versioin on my Jetson Nano.

I fIxed and now it is working great.

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