Zed Box Orin NX Overheating and abrupt Restart

Hi, everyone!
We brought a Zed box Orin NX 16GB, on working with it we came to know that the Zed box is overheating while running an application or an program. We have tested the Zed box with the built-in Zed applications in all power modes. If the application continuously runs for 20 minutes, the Zed box is significantly heated up, and the system reboots automatically.
Power: 10-W The zed box is slowly heating up.
Power: 15-W The zed box is heated up in a moderate range.
Power: 25W The zed box is heated up faster.
Power: MAXN (25W), the zed box is heated up extremely faster.
Is this issue a fault of the hardware?
has anyone experienced this issue before?

Hi @SanjaiKrishnaa
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Please provide more information. What’s the temperature that it reaches? How do you measure it? Is the ZED Box closed in a box that does not allow fresh air exchange?

No, the Zed Box isn’t kept in a closed place; we were working with it in an open space.
We get the temperature readings through the Jetson Power GUI. The Zed Box reaches up to 60°C in 10W, 65°C in 15W, 67°C in 25W, and 75°C MAXN. We also checked the temperature of the Zed Box using an IR thermometer, and we got 50.1°C in 10W, 56.4°C in 15W, 59.1°C in 25W, and 66.8°C in MAXN. While testing, we got two warnings: “Caution-Hot surface. Do Not Touch” and “System Throttled due to Over-current”.

These are normal operating temperatures, so they cannot be the cause of the reset of the device.
Could you please let me know whether you are using Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) or a power supply through the power jack?

We are using the Power Supply through the Power Jack only, but while observing we came to know, that when we use MAXN Power Mode, the System reboots frequently while running an application or program for more then 30 Min,and those Warnings also arising frequently.

Hi @SanjaiKrishnaa
please install Jetson Stats. The jtop application will allow you to monitor the temperatures of different parts of the Jetson module to understand if there’s something over the safe temperature values.

Hi @SanjaiKrishnaa , the Orin NX module is pretty aggressive on the voltage regulators in MAXN. It often reach the 25W limits and when it does, it prints a message to warn you that the power consumption is capped @25W (max current is 5A@5V). The internal temperature of the DIE may go over 85°C in MAXN on a passively cooled system.

In MAXN, nothing prevents the system to hit several time the maximum admissible current during a short period of time, hence the message seems to pop constantly.

Rebooting due to temperature is not something that we have seen during the thermal stress testing we have performed, maybe there is an issue with the code you are running. If you want to rule out temperature, could you use the capture feature of Jetson Power GUI, set a 3 hours capture, and try to hit the system with a 90 minutes load? For instance using ZED_Depth_Viewer in high or neural mode.

Can you then send me the resulting CSV from Jetson Power GUI, and your kernel logs that are in /var/logs/kern.log ?

Thanks for you attention

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Hi, we tested the ZED box as you suggested, but we didn’t complete the test fully. After running the ZED box for 120 minutes, we started the ZED_Depth_Viewer and noticed a significant increase in temperature (reaching 82.3°C) within just 30 minutes. Due to safety concerns, we chose not to proceed with the test any further and promptly shut down the system. Could you please clarify if operating above 80°C is safe? We only have one hardware unit, and we were able to feel that the ZED Box was heating rapidly and we didn’t wanna risk it. I have attached the captured CSV file but not able to attach the kern.log file because the file is too big to upload.

During the test, we encountered an issue with the frames per second (FPS) rate, observing only 17-19 Hz in depth.
zedthermaltest.csv (3.3 MB)