Where have code sample for 2D-object-detection

Hi there I really want to try to use 2D object detection intergal with ZED2, rather than 3D, because in my case I need to detect object from long distance, I searched for it in offical tutorial but it haven’t 2D for me, have any resource to learn about 2D object detection?

Hello @Wingto,

You can refer to our Object Detection tutorial here that shows how to retrieve 2D bounding boxes of detected objects.
We also used to have an Object Detection sample showing how to draw 2D bounding boxes using OpenCV : you can find it here

Hope this helps

Hi @quythao.truong
Are there any examples of drawing the 2D mask on the screen instead of bounding boxes?

Hi @ChealsieBains01, please check the answer in this post :slight_smile: