Using ZED Xacro Files and understanding ZED TF's

I’m currently working on a school project where I’m creating an autonomous robot using a 2D LiDAR and a ZEDX camera. I have my robot state publisher and robot urdf file set correctly, but what resources or help can I get on how to now add/include the ZEDX xacro files to my existing robot? I’m having trouble with the ROS2 Navigation stack (Nav2) due to TF tree issues when I try using both the ZEDX and my robot. Thanks!

Attached is my frames output from ROS2. The error we get is saying there is no TF from ‘map’ to ‘base_link’ but after monitoring the TF’s any TF between ‘map’ and the other frame have this error. For example ‘Zed_camera_link’ and ‘map’ also have the same error. However, when we run the ROS2 Nav2 stack ‘map’ and ‘base_link’ is what stops the robot from working correctly.
frames.pdf (15.4 KB)

Hi @alboron18
please check this documentation and this tutorial.

This Nav2 tutorial will also help you.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information if you need it.

Thanks for getting back to me! So currently we are using the ZEDX IMU data with the 2D LiDAR data. With that, we are unsure whether our base_link is a parent or child of the ZEDX since the odometry we are using is from the ZEDX. Additionally, bouncing off of that question, we are confused as to whehter or not we should use zed_localization. We are defintiely using robot_localization with the slam_toolbox and Nav2.

Then you must disable publish_tf in the wrapper, as explained in the documentation, and set the base_link as the parent by setting use_zed_localization to false