Using ROSBAG-Data from the Zed-Wrapper

I used the Zed-Wrapper to save some data, but I am not certain whether it is possible to reuse that data as a “live-input”.

The wrapper sends the the images as sensor_msgs, is it possible to resave that as a sl::Mat? (Upon playing the ROSBAG)

Currently I am using live-data to be processed on the GPU and I need to extract some depths from the depth-cloud, so I need to reuse both RGB and DEPTH. But the data needs to be in sync with other sensors, so I really need to use a ROSBAG instead of some other manual data-saving.

Any code and/or tips are appreciated!

c++, ROS-Melodic, Jetson Xavier, Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @kremerf
to use the ZED ROS Wrapper with recorded data you must save SVO files and use them as input for the node.

ROSBAGs cannot be used as input. If you need to use rosbags you must record them with all the required information processed by the wrapper while recording.

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That is a real shame, I’ll have another look into it to do some additional testing.

Thank you so far for the input!