Unicast streming from ZED SDK

is it possible to stream the output video of the ZED in unicast to a specific IP address? Currently I’m using this code to send/receive video from the ZED on another pc. From my understanding, the sender broadcasts the video on the local network, and the receiver needs to specify the IP address (and port) of the sender. Would it be possible to make the sender stream only to a specific IP address?

Also, as far as I understand from this topic, I need to have ZED SDK with proper nvidia hardware on the receiving pc in order to open the stream. Is that correct?


Only the tool ZED_Explorer can be used without a GPU. In latest versions, it can both be the sender or the receiver of a stream. You can run it in command line if you use a headless machine.

We don’t have a solution that sends only to a specific IP address. with both the classic SDK streaming and the streaming from the Fusion module, you set the IP address on the receiver.