Questions for remote streaming

I have a use case where a robot needs to do some cv stuff with zed meanwhile stream the images to a remote machine for monitoring purpose. My first attempt is to use the remote streaming feature from the SDK but found the ros node subscribing nothing once I first enable the streaming mode in another non-ros process. Similarly, when the zed ros node starts first, I couldn’t get the steaming work.

Now I notice that the ros wrapper has a service named start_remote_stream, I yet have no time this week to do further test on it, but want to get a quick answer whether executing a call to the remote streaming service would stop other stuff such as subscribing to image topics from working.

Another thing that I want to confirm is if it’s possible to receive the streaming on remote machine without SDK installed by using a video player that supports protocol like rtp? SDK and even CUDA requirement reduces the deployment flexibility for a simple monitoring end.

Hi @madjxatw
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No, the streaming service runs in parallel without affecting the node behaviors.

No, the ZED SDK is required to process this kind of stream.

For remote monitoring you can use a ROS node that subscribes to ZED image topics and sends them using standard protocols, for example: video_stream_opencv - ROS Wiki

Hi @Myzhar
Thank you for the useful info! As my understanding, the video_stream_opencv package is used to take a video stream as input and publish it in an ROS image topic, which means that I have to install ROS on the remote monitoring end. I have no plan to introduce ROS on the remote side for the sake of simplicity and flexibility.

My current approach is subscribing to a ZED image topic and sending the images over UDP for lower network latency. However, considering the bandwidth and the size limit of a single UDP packet, I would prefer to use RTSP instead. This requires redirecting the subscribed images to an RTSP server, is there any easy-to-reach solution that you can advice?

@madjxatw this is what you are searching for:

mmm this could be a solution to stream rtsp video from the jetson xavier nx with low latency? My goal is to onboard the zed camera on a robot and be able to control it without relying on a cuda graphics card.