Setting AEC_AGC_ROI not existant in zed-ros2-wrapper

Hey Everyone,

I would like to set a region of interest for automatic exposure and gain of the Zed 2i. I noticed that the setting does not exist in the ROS2 wrapper but only in the SDK.

Is there a reason for it not being implemented? I could include the necessary code myself and just want to check if there are any obstacle before I start working on it.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @cramke
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

It’s the first time that someone has asked for this feature. We can consider adding it, but it will not be high priority for the moment.
Please do not hesitate to fork the repository, add the feature, and create a pull request. It will be evaluated and eventually merged into the main branch.

Thank you. I will work on it.

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