Rviz error exit code -11

Hi, I use this command

$ ros2 launch zed_display_rviz2 display_zed_cam.launch.py camera_model:=zed2

Actually it operated well when I turn off my object detection

However, If I turn on object Detection and laucnh this code, After 10~20second,
Process crashed…

I don’t know why this was happend.

please tell me If you need any other file to solve this problem

Environment :

this is my error code…

[ERROR] [rviz2-1]: process has died [pid 27909, exit code -11, cmd '/opt/ros/foxy/lib/rviz2/rviz2 -d /home/ros2/workspace/install/zed_display_rviz2/share/zed_display_rviz2/rviz2/zed2.rviz --ros-args -r __node:=zed2_rviz2 -r __ns:=/zed

Hi @Leejh0426
can you please monitor GPU and CPU memory to verify if you are running out of memory when the crash happens?

GPU : I use command watch -n 1 nvidia-smi

CPU: I use command top

that Screenshots are picture just before crashes

Please provide more information to try to replicate the issue:

  • common.yaml
  • zed2.yaml
  • object detection configuration

common.yaml (15.4 KB)
zed2.yaml (505 Bytes)

I don’t know What is object detection configuration.
You mean this code in common.yaml?

            od_enabled: True # True to enable Object Detection
            allow_reduced_precision_inference: true # Allow inference to run at a lower precision to improve runtime and memory usage
            max_range: 20.0 # [m] Defines a upper depth range for detections
            confidence_threshold: 50.0 # [DYNAMIC] - Minimum value of the detection confidence of an object [0,99]
            prediction_timeout: 0.5 # During this time [sec], the object will have OK state even if it is not detected. Set this parameter to 0 to disable SDK predictions            
            filtering_mode: 1 # '0': NONE - '1': NMS3D - '2': NMS3D_PER_CLASS
            mc_people: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of persons for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_vehicle: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of vehicles for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_bag: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of bags for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_animal: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of animals for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_electronics: true # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of electronic devices for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_fruit_vegetable: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of fruits and vegetables for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models
            mc_sport: false # [DYNAMIC] - Enable/disable the detection of sport-related objects for 'MULTI_CLASS_X' models            
            qos_history: 1 # '1': KEEP_LAST - '2': KEEP_ALL
            qos_depth: 1 # Queue size if using KEEP_LAST
            qos_reliability: 1 # '1': RELIABLE - '2': BEST_EFFORT
            qos_durability: 2 # '1': TRANSIENT_LOCAL - '2': VOLATILE

+)this is picture monitor cpu just before crashes

There seems to be a memory issue indeed. Can you use the System Monitor application to capture the CPU monitor plot? This would be useful to detect any uncontrolled memory usage growth.

As you can see, it turns off in an instant :frowning:

+)This is video monitor gpu just before crashes…