RTABMap Example Not Mapping in RVIZ


I recently got the stereo labs digital twin kit (ZED2i & ZED Box) and have been working through the examples. When trying to run the RTABMap examples via roslaunch zed_rtabmap_example zed_rtabmap.launch the point cloud data is shown but mapping is not working right out of the box. The point cloud data is being shown for every frame but that data is not being saved or stored in order to create the map in RVIZ. To get the examples running I installed ROS Noetic and cloned zed-ros-examples and zed-ros-wrapper into catkin_ws/src. Are there any additional setup steps that I am missing? After reviewing the readme and online tutorials/forums/videos it seems that folks are able to begin mapping without additional setup/params. I have triend adding additional point cloud 2 visualizations and subscribing to different ZED and RTAB map nodes to get the map data in RVIZ but have been unsuccessful. I am fairly new to RTABMap and ZED SDK so I apologize if this is a trivial problem.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @fallygal
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I recommend you ask the official RTABmap forum to obtain precise information concerning how to correctly configure RTABmap to be used with ZED.

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