ROS2 navigation using only odom/pose from ZEDx

Hi I am curious if anyone has tried to use the odom/pose provided by the ZEDx as the only source of localization?

Do you feel lidar and wheel odometer is absolutely necessary for a product quality outcome for navigating a small indoor warehouse space? Or is the ZEDx alone able to provide adequate results?

Hi @anthonywebb
the ZED SDK team is working hard on a Positional Tracking module capable of providing reliable odometry and pose information with a standalone ZED camera, and the results that you can already obtain with the latest version of the ZED SDK (v4.0.8) are very good.
The Global Shutter sensors of the ZED X camera allow you to obtain even more reliable results.

I would recommend adding tags in the environment to improve the reliability of the localization even more and handle the rare conditions when the pose information can drift.

See this ROS 2 example for more information.