ROS1 and Isaac Sim integration . Is it available or possible?

I am working on a simulation in Nvidia Isaac Sim and using the ZED Camera USD asset attached on a robot and the “” extension provided by StereoLabs to generate depth map and point cloud of a scene in the simulation.

I came across this example but the package is a ros2 package using some not catkin packages. But I need to work on ros1. Is there any available package in ROS1 that I can use for this same task ?

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Hi @threedee003
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Unfortunately, ROS1 is not currently supported by our extension plugin for ISAAC Sim, and it is not on our roadmap due to low demand.

Thanks for your reply Walter. I understand.

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Hey @Myzhar ,
Can you please tell me if I can use the example given in the link above to move a ZED camera around a room asset in Isaac Sim to generate a point cloud 3d map of the room ? I saw a demo creating a 3d map using the ZED scanner on YouTube channel of StereoLabs but it might have been using the ZED 2 camera data and ZED SDK.

Yes, you can use the ISAAC Sim plugin in the same way as if you have a real ZED Camera connected to the PC.