Requested depth_minimum_distance too close

Hello, we’re running a ZED X camera with the ZED ROS 2 wrapper and have not yet succeeded in letting the ZED node publish a point cloud with a minimum distance higher EDIT: shorter than 1.5 m. The point cloud in the ZED Depth Viewer tool works fine, though.

The warning message:

[ros2-1] [2023-10-27 11:29:51 UTC][ZED][WARNING] [Init]  Requested depth_minimum_distance: 0.3METER is too close, clamped to 1.5000001METER.
[ros2-1] [2023-10-27 11:29:51 UTC][ZED][WARNING] [Init]  Requested depth_maximum_distance: 1METER is below depth_minimum_distance: 1.5000001METER, changed to 2.5000002METER.

Relevant section in zedx.yaml:

          min_depth: 0.3 # Min: 0.3, Max: 3.0
          max_depth: 1.0 # Max: 20.0


  • Camera firmware: 2001
  • SDK: 4.0.7 Build 79048_03b248b8
  • ROS 2 Humble
  • Nvidia Jetson Orin

Any suggestion on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @stereoscopic-scribe
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

We are going to test this behavior of the SDK with ZED X to understand if it’s a bug. Stay tuned.

Hello, are there any updates on this?

The fix will be available with the next release of the ZED SDK

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Hi, @Myzhar
When is the next version of ZED SDK expected to be released?
This depth_minimum_distance problem also bothers me~ :smiling_face_with_tear: