PX4 Zed2_bridge to Mavros

Dear Community.
I have been using a realsense camera T265 to obtain the pose and orientation and through Auterion/VIO px4_realsense_bridge bridge.launch I was able to send this info to the pixhawk flight controller.
Does anyone know how to do it with the Zed 2 camera?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @DiegoHerrera1890
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I’m sorry, but we do not provide a bridge for Mavros.
However I found this issue on Github that can help you:

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Thanks a lot.
It helped me to understand what I need to do.
As a general question, in your experience Which one do you think is better to obtain odometry data, zed2 mini or T265 realsense?

I’m sorry, but we did not compare the behavior of the two devices and we have no information about their different performances.