Problem with object detection : [ZED] [Object Detection] SL_AI_NOT_FOUND

Hi , I am using the ZED 2 Camera with the sdk . I am trying to do the examples about object detection but always have the same error :
[ZED] [Object Detection] SL_AI_NOT_FOUND

Before i had the error that it cant download the model , so i uninstall cuda and zed sdk and installed again the last version of zed sdk with cuda 11.5

I am use windows 10 .

Thank you very much for your help.

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This error means that the ZED SDK cannot load the library that contains object detection (sl_ai.dll)
You can look at the folder C:/ProgramFiles (x86)/ZED SDK/bin/ and check if sl_ai.dll is indeed here.
If yes, use Dependency walker to check if one of the sl_ai dependencies is missing :

  • Download Dependency Walker (
  • Open the library file (sl_ai.dll) in DepWalker
  • Check if one of the dependencies is noted as missing.

Hi, I dont have this library but i have the sl_ai64.dll .
I imagine that they are different libraries .

Maybe do i need reinstall ?

No Sorry it’s indeed sl_ai64.dll on windows. What is the result when you open this library with dependency walker?

Hi I attach the image. I can see that in my computer missing some libraries . I think that they are Visual c++ library. but i am not sure that i need to install :thinking:


The API-MS…<> is not the problem. They are always appearing like this.
Can you save to a file and post it here?

Probably something else is missing, not visible in your screen capture

Yes , of course.

I send you a we transfer link, because the new user can´t upload file here


It seems that you have x86 libraries in your system that conflicts with the x64.
Is you windows 10 in x64 (64bits) ?

Yes, my windows 10 is in x64 . But i always installed the x64 drivers so i am not sure about how change this libraries.