Powering the zed box


Usually, the zed box boots as soon as I apply power to it but today it doesn’t.
The power LED remains off no matter what I do?

How can I turn it on ? Is there a way to force it?


Hi @Aleblanc,

Have you made any significant changes recently on the box? For e.g. upgraded Ubuntu or Jetpack or something similar?

If I understand correctly the LED is on but the HDMI display is not working. Is the box available on the local network if you ping it or connect via ssh?

Is the box available if you plug a USB cable in the OTG port and connect to a host machine? For this you can follow the instructions in the “Force recovery mode” section: Reset your ZED Box Orin NX - Stereolabs

I apologize I misread your message, the power LED continuously is OFF.

Have you verified the power supply and cable, are you able to try a different power supply?

I am not sure what was the problem but it finally booted…
I think I had both PoE and the 12V adapter running at the same time so the box never lost the power in the first place.

Glad you were able to solve your issue :+1:

It is recommended to plug in the power first, then ethernet so the box will not boot in PoE first!