Multicamera to bodytrack a basketball game

Hi here,
We are developing a body tracking project to track players in a basketball pitch.
How can we know how many cameras we would need to have a full coverage of the whole pitch with the ability to bodytrack all players?
In addition, in case we have to use + than 1 camera, is there any existing feature in the SDK to merge the video streaming of the multiple cameras to get a single model?
Many thanks in advance!
Kind Rgds

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Hi Ferran,

Thanks for reaching us out.

With the last version of the ZED SDK, we released a new feature called the “Fusion API”, allowing you to fuse body data from multiple cameras in order to retrieve a more precise/stable fused skeleton. You can find more detailed information about it on our website (here :

The number of cameras needed will mostly depend on the area you wish to cover. If you can give me an estimate of the size of the area and also if there are some limitations regarding the positioning of the cameras (height, distance from the area, etc…), I can come up with a number.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

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Hi Benjamin,
Thanks a lot for coming back to me.
The scenario is a basketball court. Indoor. Already existing TV stuff for broadcasting so lightning conditions should be ok.
No constraints in terms of camera position.
Objective here is player’s pose estimation and player tracking real time with no occlusions. Also, ball tracking.
Aside from the number of ZED cameras and position, a first estimation of other computer stuff (ZED Box, GPU laptop(s), wires, ) would be highly appreciated.
Any constraint or where to put an eye to make this infra running will be super useful.
I am now in the process of creating the project budget so anything that could help on this will be gold.
Kind Regards

Missatge de Benjamin Vallon (Stereolabs) del dia dl., 5 de juny 2023 a les 9:20:

Hi Ferran,

To cover an entire basketball court, you will need more than one camera. If we consider the playing area of a basketball court is 28m in length and 15m wide, I think you will need at least 10 ZED2i to cover the whole space.
We recommend placing the camera at around 3m height slightly looking downward. You need to make sure the players are always fully visible to the cameras, from head to toe.

In this configuration, it won’t be possible to directly connect all the cameras by USB to a single computer, you will need to connect each camera to a ZED Box that will run the ZED SDK.

Then, all the ZED Boxes will send their body tracking data to a computer that will fuse all these data (with the ZED SDK and the new fusion module: The ZED Boxes and the computer have to be on the same local network for the data to be transmitted.

For the moment, the fusion module can only fuse skeleton data, it’s not currently possible to do the same for the ball tracking.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

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