Multi-camera fusion and integration. ZED2

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I am using ZED2 and considering getting another one for Body Tracking application. I was wondering if there is a difference if I use ZED2i or the normal ZED2 or even ZEDx and if that will affect the integration and sensor fusion between them.

As a saw, the difference between ZED2 and ZED2i is that the ZED2i is more suitable for harsh or wet environments and that it has additional focal length option. Is there another difference?
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The connection are differents:
ZED2 has an integrated USB cable
ZED2i has an USB-C connector, so you can replace the cable if it is damaged (or change its length)
ZED X is GMSL based (only supported by Jetsons)

Thank you for your answer.
I understand better now. I still want to be clear on an important part which is multi camera fusion and integration. If I buy ZED2i, would it work and integrate fine with my ZED2 especially for Body Tracking application? Or do I have to buy the same model for all of the cameras to integrate them?
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All or camera model can be used (and combined) with the Fusion API.


I wanted to say congrats for the new SDK it’s amazing !

I tried ZED360 it works well .

I have a question, it supports Local USB workflow and ZedHub . In my setup I’m using sending/receiver stream with multiples jetson and one master computer, will be in future possible to use ZED360 to make calibration with local network without Zed Hub ? Thanks in advance :grinning:

Yes @peanuts, it is possible to do this, you simply have to update the generated file according to your setup.
Change the serial number of your camera (if needed) and change the ‘zed’ part.
[‘zed’][‘type’] will be ‘STREAM’ and [‘zed’][‘configuration’] will be the ip adress in the format “192.168.X.X:port”.

Sorry, I don’t know if I was clear.

Currently we can generate the calibration file via ZED360 only via the cameras in usb or zed hub. Since the usb bandwidth is limited, I set up my own setup (One zed per jetson) x8 which are all connected to a switch. Then I processed everything on the master computer .

When launching ZED360 and “Auto Discover”, are the local network cameras detected? (I can’t test it now) as I don’t use ZedHub. Or can we generate the calibration by another method/script? Thank you for your quick answer.

My answer was not detailed enough, indeed you can’t detect the streaming camera.
But you can create your own json file using this template:
calibfile_params.json (588 Bytes)

Then use the load button from ZED360.


Hello, I come back to you after some tests. I used the template of your file and at first sight I get the streams . I encounter several problems (bugs?), sometimes the cameras are not displayed and I think because ZED360 launches the fusion even before the stream is present (disadvantage of the stream VS usb, can be make asynchronous launch). I was able to try with 2 and 3 cameras, when recording the calibration, the file is not updated and also when another file, different from the template.

Example logs of failed lauched cameras :

Setup ZED 22516499
Setup ZED 26461602
22516499 START RUN ZED
Setup ZED 29813646
26461602 START RUN ZED
29813646 START RUN ZED

Thanks in advance, I hope we will find solutions.

@SL-PY Any idea about this issue ?

We fixed some ZED360 issues in the newly released 4.0.2, can you give it a try ?

We also add a documentation page for it:

i tried and succeeded in creating a configuration files for 2 zed x cameras, like the json provided. where should i put them in order for the cameras point cloud to adjust accordingly ?

you should use the tool ZED360 to perform the calibration.
You can also take a look at this sample based on aruco markers: