ZED X calibration and streaming from multiple boxes to a PC

Hi, I am attempting to calibrate 3 Jeston boxes, each running 2 zedX cameras, each of the boxes are running 4.0.7 and so is the receiver pc, using unity. (all boxes are connected on a local network)

So far I was only able so get signal for calibration from one camera on each zed using zed hub body edge app, into zed360 on the endpoint PC. I was not able to detect cameras on the local network, meaning I can’t calibrate 2 cameras on each zed, only one.

however I would like to know how this can be achieved without zed hub.
I’ve been running an altered body tracking sample with start publish, however, that did not reach the receiving pc. also when sniffing the coms seems to be TCP(from the boxes) rather than UDP.

My main goal is being able to run body tracking fusion and livelink, however it’s not exactly clear which sample should be running on the sender boxes, and which should be aggregating these into fused bodies, and how all this ends up in unity.

Would appreciate any advice


You can totally achieve this without ZED Hub. Sorry, our documentation may not be exhaustive enough.
all your camera need to used the method startPublishing. Also, they must all use a different communication port (filled in the configurationParameters). Finally, you can use ZED 360 to generate your fusion configuration file in Local Network mode.

you can start all your ZED application, each one calling Camera::startPublishing with a different port.
then you can create a defautl conf file for them, like this one:

duplicating the content for each of your ZED camera, take care of your specific serial number and the port you are using, then load it with ZED360 and perform the calibration.

Thank you both, I will give this a try and report back.

One more question for you, when using ZED managers in unity, is there a limit to the amount of cameras?

Looking at the ZED_CAMERA_ID enum, it goes from 1 to 8, is that a limitation? or a performance issue?


Hi, that’s indeed a limitation, not so much a performance issue.

Thanks @JPlou, what is the official limit?

The limit is 8 cameras in Unity.