Minimum system spec for zedx zed wrapper

I have a jetson nano 8gb that appears to completely overwhelmed by the zed wrapper. JTOP shows I t is continuously between 110-150% cpu and itself using several gig of memory. Appears the jetson nano 8gb is simply not cut out for using thr zed wrapper. Does a guy have to jump to the AGX to use the zedx and wrapper without overwhelming the hardware?

Hi @anthonywebb
Jetson Nano cannot work with ZED X.
I think you meant Jetson Orin Nano.

The Jetson Orin Nano can correctly handle a ZED X camera, the final performance depends on what modules you enable and the configuration you use.

Can you provide more information?

Correct it is the Jetson Orin Nano.

I am running your base default example using these instructions Getting Started with ROS 2 and ZED - Stereolabs

The Jetson Orin Nano running jetpack 5.1.2 (and nothing else except the zed wrapper per your startup instructions) starts out at 2.3gb memory usage, and over 30 mins rises to 3.6gb and stay solid at 3.6gb usage. CPU is constant between 110-150%

Seems this stuff might be better suited for an AGX orin?

ROS 2 is highly demanding, mostly when it works with big data as the ZED cameras provide.
Furthermore, I suspect that you are running rviz2 on the Orin Nano, which is strongly not recommended.

I advise you to tune the parameters in common.yaml and zedx.yaml (grab resolution, publish resolution, depth mode, etc ) to reduce the required compute power, and you run RVIZ2 on an external PC on the same local network.

Thanks for the tips, I am not running RVIZ at all, just the zed wrapper to understand the load for it alone. As you can imagine, try to run vslam for localization, nvblox for cost map, and nav2 for route planning and things break down pretty quickly.

I really wish the zed wrapper could itself do some more of the load of building an AMR. It seems that the localization and mapping bits could be all done in the zed wrapper leaving just nav2 or some other route planner to move you around in a space without slamming into things.

Well, this is a heavy payload for the entry-level Jetson Orin Nano.
NVIDIA’s VSLAM and nvblox processing are highly demanding. Combined with the ZED SDK and ROS 2 processing, it’s easy to overload it.

The ZED SDK v4.1, set to release soon, will enable AMR localization using only the SDK thanks to a new generation of our Positional Tracking module.
Combining it with Nav2 is a good configuration for autonomous navigation.

Thanks! 4.1 sounds like a game changer! Very excited to give it a go with nav2 hopefully there are some good examples, sounds exactly like what I’ve been hoping would come along.

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