Integrating zedx camera into gazebo using urdf files

Hi, I’m currently running a gazebo simulation with a robot I made and want to integrate the zedx camera into the simulation. I’m having trouble doing so and was wondering if there was a guide? There are numerous things im curious about, for example if my simulation and zed wrapper are in different workspaces will that cause an issue? Or how do you set the camera model when using the xacro files or launch scripts to launch gazebo? Lastly how do you properly get the orientation and position of the zedx and my robot to match?


Hi @alboron18
the ZED Wrapper cannot receive data from a Gazebo simulation, so you cannot simulate a ZED and use the Wrapper with such simulated data.
Only ISAAC Sim simulation is supported: Using ZED with ROS 2 and Isaac Sim - Stereolabs

Thank you for getting back to me. We are running Ubunutu 20.04 and ROS 2 Foxy, so according to the documentation we cannot run Isaac Sim. Is there still no way to use the .stl file in Gazebo?

Hi @alboron18
it’s not a problem of STL and URDF, the problem is related to the data processing pipeline.
There are no methods to ingest Gazebo information into the ZED ROS Wrapper, we must develop a custom Gazebo plugin for that.