Injecting Zed objects detected into spatial map

Hi all, I have created a yolov8 custom object detector following the tutorial and every object detected is stored as a zed sdk objectDetection object. I was wondering if there is a way to inject these objects detected into the spatial mapping function that the zed sdk implements. I have found no resources online describing this process. On a high level, I want detected objects to be stored in a point cloud map that stored the position of the object detected. This is my first question on this community page and please ask me if you need any clarification. Thank you to all that chose to respond.

Hi @gphi1009
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The ZED SDK does not provide this kind of feature.
In order to add new data to a point cloud you must use a library that allows modifying it.
I suggest you consider Open3D or PCL.

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Hey @Myzhar, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.