Incomplete Images

Hi, during a data collection run with the zed2i with the ros2 driver, several 100s of images were captured incompletely (photo attached). Has anyone else experienced this issue with the zed2i and ros2? Thank you for your help!

Hi @rakshithsinghgm
this happens when the host device is overloaded and the USB3 controller and the disk controller have no enough time to complete their tasks.

What do you mean with data collection? Are you using rosbag?

Hi @Myzhar

Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. By “data collection” I meant running the zed for a few hours on our robot outside (conditions of the laptop and zed did get hot due to the gpu usage) and saving the images to the local fs (nvme based ssd) before uploading it. This was all contained in a single launch file, but now that you mention it, I did also collect rosbag2 during this run several times.

Could lowering the zed’s fps and adding delays before uploading images help? How would you recommend I mitigate this in the future? (either programmatically or through hardware changes)? Thank you for your help!

rosbag is a process that takes many resources and sometimes it creates the problems that you are facing.
You could try to rise the priority of the zed_node process.
Lowering the camera FPS is another possible way to take.