ImportError: DLL load failed while importing sl:

Hi, I saw this topic was discussed many times, but nothing seems to help me. I have Python 3.11.4 and I ran my code on Windows. I had problem with running get_python_api from ZED SDK folder and I moved it to PythonProject. I run the code via PyCharm and via cmd. Both said processes were successful. In this folder, where is get_python_api I got the whl files and I also run them. After that I created in the same folder, but i can’t run it. I moved and to where my pyzed folder was created. I also tried moving all of files from ZED SDK/bin to pyzed folder, but nothing seems to work.

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Have you tried the suggestion from this post?

You can download a dependency walker tool (like this one ) and use it on the pyzediot module. You’ll see exactly what dll is missing.
Usually, what’s missing is from nvidia, especially nvencodeapi64.dll .