"How to add zed to your own robot urdf" & "About zed-rtabmap-example"

I am now looking to SLAM using zed-rtabmap-example.
So I would like to know about the following two things.

(1) I would like to know how to add zed to my robot urdf. Currently, the robot’s base_link and zed_base_link coexist under base_footprint. I want to change this to base_footprint->base_link->zed_camera, but I don’t know how.

(2) In zed-rtabmap-example, I can change the odom topic, but I can’t. I want to use wheel odom, but for some reason, even if I change the topic, the zed odom is forced to be used. How can I get wheel odom into rtabmap?

Hi @plaid

  1. you must provide the correct transformation between the zed_base_link and the robot base_link frame by setting the following parameters:

  2. Can you explain how you are changing the odometry reference?