Glitchy frames with a single Zed2i

Hello there,

I am having an issue with the Zed2i that I’d like to share. I sometimes receive glitchy frames from the camera like this one:


I am reading frames from the Zed using the python ZDK. The camera is connected to a Jetson Xavier that runs the image processing code. I use the SDK only to grab images and obtain the depth map. I am using the original cable that comes with the camera, and attaching them using the provided screws.

I have been reading some related issues (1, 2), and tried some suggestions. I decreased the frame rate from 30 Hz to 15 Hz but the issue still occurs. I cannot reduce the image resolution (720p) due to my application.
I also noticed that the issue occurs in very bright scenarios (outdoors). However, after I move the camera (in the same scene under similar illumination conditions) the issue usually disappears.

I am wondering if someone has experienced a similar problem and knows how to solve it.



In the latest SDK, we released a feature that verify that the images are not corrupted. It has a little CPU cost, but may be worth trying: InitParameters Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs