Depth map very uneven on the Jetson Nano (Works well on PC)

Hello! We have a ground vehicle equipped with the ZED 2i running with ROS1 on the Jetson Nano.

The depth pointcloud given by ZED is very distorted/uneven for the floor (surfaces that are at an angle to the camera):

The results are exactly the same when run using the ZED_Depth_Viewer tool on the Jetson Nano. However, when using the tool on a powerful PC, the depth map quality is excellent:

This difference is also observed outdoors, I could attach screenshots of those if that would help.

I understand that the computing capabilities are vastly different, but is there something that could be done to improve the quality of depth maps on the Jetson Nano? Or would you suggest some alternate strategies to make the best out of the uneven depth map that we can get?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @srijal97

Can you check that you are using the same Depth mode between Jetson and PC ?
Depth mode can be configured with InitParameters::depth_mode option.

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Yes, thank you! The depth quality was not set the same - the PC was set to “Ultra” quality. Surprisingly, the Jetson Nano seems capable of handling “Ultra” too, so our floor depth is much better now.

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