Camera streaming on Jetson Orin nano

Hi everyone, I’m a developer and for research purposes I write code for Jetson boards equipped with ZED 2i cameras. I recently started working with a Jetson Orin Nano which is not equipped with NVENC. I would like to know if there is a way to use the streaming and recording features provided by the ZED SDK. According to Nvidia specifications the Orin Nano card should be able to do video encoding using the CPU, however when I try to run the “sender” demo I get the following error:

luca@ubuntu:~/zed_samples/camera_streaming/sender/cpp/build$ ./ZED_Streaming_Sender
[ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[ZED SDK][Input] Using USB input… Switched to HD720
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Depth mode: NONE
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera successfully opened.
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Sensors FW version: 777
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera FW version: 1523
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Video mode: HD720@60
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Serial Number: S/N 33899070
Error in VIDIOC_REQBUFS at output planeError in VIDIOC_REQBUFS at output plane[ZED][Encoding] Critical Error : No Video Enc [enc_146749]
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

is there a solution to my problem?

Hi Luca,
benvenuto… Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

What version of the ZED SDK are you using?
This is an important limitation of the Orin Nano regarding the ZED SDK streaming/recording features.
The SDK team is working on this feature to add encoding capabilities to the Orin Nano.
We must be sure that it can reach real-time performance even if not using hardware encoders.

Hi! thank you for the quick reply. I’m currently working with 4.0.3 SDK version.

Hi @Luca023
The SDK team is testing for the capabilites of the Orin Nano to understand if the computational power is enough to handle real time software encoding at the high resolutions/framerates provided by our cameras.
We have no public feedback available for the moment.

Hello @Myzhar,
thank you for the encouraging news, I guess it’s not a simple development to implement without the hardware encoder. However, I hope you will be able to make these important features available for the Orin Nano as well. Since for the applications we are developing the Orin nano is the best choice.

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