Calibration parameters are different

Hi, I’m using Zedx with Jetson Orin, and I’d like to know the intrinsic and extrinsic matrix for calculating depth maps.

  1. I found the values from rostopic /zedx/zed_node/left/camera_info are different from the software ZED_Explorer. So why they are different?
  2. If I want to rectify and undistort from raw images by calibration matrix, is the images from right_raw/image_raw_color and left_raw/image_raw_color the right choice?
  3. How to convert Rx Ry Rz from ZED_Explorer to 3 x 3 matrix?
    Many thanks.

Hi @yyyxs1125
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/zedx/zed_node/left/camera_info contains the camera parameters for the rectified images, while ZED Explorer shows the calibration parameters for the RAW images. You will notice indeed that the camera_info topic has null distortion coefficients.

Yes, that’s correct. Why do you want to perform your own calibration?

You can use the formulas to convert Rodrigues vector to a rotation matrix: