Build Failure of zed-ros2-wrapper with SDK Version 4.1

I am trying to build the zed-ros2-wrapper with the latest SDK version 4.1 on a jetpack 6 system (Jetson Orin NX, Ros2 Humble), but the build fails catastrophically. It seems that there is no available branch or release of the zed-ros2-wrapper that is compatible with SDK 4.1.

Is there an estimate for when the ros2 wrapper will be updated or is there another workaround for building the wrapper on a jetpack 6 system?

Hi @mpsayer
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I apologize for the late in releasing a version of the ZED ROS 2 Wrapper compatible with ZED SDK v4.1.
We plan to have a working version before the end of the week.

I recommend you monitor the GitHub repository for immediate notifications of master branch updates.


I’m having the same problem. I am using ZED 2i and I am using the 4.1 version of the SDK.
I am experiencing the issue with ROS2 Humble.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

Hi @CBike
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The new ZED ROS 2 wrapper will be released soon.


Hi @Myzhar,

I am on a Jetson Orin and ubuntu 20.04. We installed ROS2 Foxy and Zed SDK 4.1.

I think we also have the same problem with the zed-ros2-wrapper. Do you have an ETA on when you guys will push the fix?

Thank you!

The new wrapper for ZED SDK v4.1 will be published as soon as we complete the test phase.
It’s expected in the next few days. Stay tuned