Birds eye view from X,Y,Z

Based on the previous discussion I have calculated the depth and from the 2D coordinates calculated real world coordinates. Now I have X,Y,Z. I have used X,Z to plot and the points make sense. How can I make bird eye view with these information. Any information,blogs or mathematics ?
I have used
Coordinate Frames - Stereolabs

Hello @Akshay,

If you want to see exactly how we did the visualization in our samples, you can take a look at their source code:

I’m quite confused about what you want to achieve exactly. In my understanding, plotting with X and Z coordinates would give you a bird’s eye view, what more do you need?

Yes, the X,Z will give the position which is the bird’s eye view. Since ZED is a camera it will be in a V shape in the birds eye view. I want to know if there is certain values of X,Z that are not possible ? How to detect outliers ?

What is the field of view from the ZED camera.

The field of view depends on the model and resolution.
A summary is available on this page: