ZedX Synchronization Advantages

On the ZedX product page it mentions

Multi-camera synchronization
Hardware synchronization for multiple connected devices at frame-level within 100 microseconds. Capture multiple RGB and depth images of the same scene, all aligned.

Is this different/better than the Zed2i? I couldn’t find more details on either cameras page or in the multi cam documentation

Despite the claims on the store page, SL have not yet delivered any utility to trigger the zed x image capture, and have advised that it will require the purchase of a new GMSL card which is not yet developed.

I would recommend sticking with the 2i until such time as their engineers catch up with their marketing team.

Hi @robots
the ZED X has native hardware synchronization for all the cameras connected to the same GMSL2 capture card.
The USB3 cameras do not have this feature and can only synchronized by using the timestamp information.

@multicore-manticore hardware synchronization and hardware triggering are different features. The triggering feature requires a different type of electronics that the current model of the GMSL2 capture card cannot provide.