ZEDx shows high angular velocity

Hi, I’m currently setting up and testing the ZEDx camera on a Jetson NX using Docker and ROS2.

When checking the sensor readings from the IMU I get an abnormal high value for the angular velocity in z-Axis. Value is 1.8…e+28. All other values, no matter if angular velocity or accelaration, looking good. But the z-Value does not, although the camera is not moved. When moving the camera, all values are changing, except for this z-Value. I thought that this is some camera specific issue.

So, as we have two cameras, I checked this behaviour on another device. And the result was the same.

Next, I checked if this is due to the ROS2 implementation and used the c++ Tutorial 7. The result was the same, except that the number changed from 1.8e+28 to -1.06e+30 and from z- to y-Axis. But this is due to the transform from sensor coordinate to ROS2 coordinate frame. Also here are no changes when the sensor is moved around that Axis.

Are there any hints why this is the case? We would like to use especially the angluar velocity around that Axis.

Hi @schuethedennis
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Place the camera on a stable surface (i.e. the floor) and run the command $ ZED_Calibration --calib_imu, then open the ZED Sensor Viewer tool and verify that the issue is fixed.